About Blue Wonder

What is Blue WonderTM?

Blue WonderTM microfiber is made from a unique patented blend of high quality nylon and polyester that was developed in Switzerland. Using an environmentally friendly heat-weaving process in which polyester and nylon fibers are repeatedly pressed, blended and intertwined, the result is the ultra absorbent Blue WonderTM microfiber.

Blue WonderTM  was the go to eco friendly “go green” product before being eco friendly existed or was even trendy!

Blue WonderTM has quickly become one of the most popular microfiber cleaning products on the market today. We are committed to producing cleaning supplies that are good for the planet and help people achieve a better quality of life.

Magnetically Attracts Dirt & Dust Particles

Only the unique patented Blue WonderTM is made from the finest fibers with micro-thin edges that traps even  the smallest dirt particles. Thanks to the high tech, high quality production process. Blue WonderTM has the ideal microstructure for cleaning without compromise. No dirt and dust escapes Blue WonderTM.

Hygienic & Chemical-Free – Just Add Water!

Blue WonderTM cleans better than conventional cleaning cloths even after hundreds of uses.
Blue WonderTM fibers are so small that they remove most bacteria on the surfaces cleaned as well. This unique characteristic has made Blue WonderTM
. the standard for cleaning many hygienically-sensitive areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, commercial and institutional facilities such as hospital wards.

Extreme Wicking & Moisture Absorbency

Because of its high density and ultra fine weave structure, Blue WonderTM microfiber absorbs water through active capillaries, which results in exceptional wicking and absorbency capacity for moisture.  

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 Water Absorbency Rate (Drop


 Blue WonderTM

Other Cloth





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 Blue WonderTM

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Extreme Superior Streak-Free Cleaning Power

Blue WonderTM microfiber cloths are made by a patented microfiber woven from threads that are 1/100th the
size of human hair
The dust and particles the cloth collects become bonded to the microfiber during
cleaning and aren’t released until the cloth is washed in hot water. This prevents dust and particles from
being transferred from surface to surface while cleaning and eliminates streaking.

Easy to Clean

When your Blue WonderTM cloth is dirty, simply wash it in hot water to remove any accumulated residue.
For best results, boil the cloth for 2-3 minutes in a mild, non-phosphate detergent (i.e. Sunlight dish soap). Hang it to dry. That's it!

Radical Reduction of Bacteria

Along with dirt and dust Blue WonderTM will pick up bacteria from surfaces being cleaned. For example:
tests conducted by food inspectors showed a radical reduction of bacteria when Blue WonderTM 
was used
on meat preparation counters.

While the Blue WonderTM  cloth absorbs bacteria while cleaning surfaces, laboratory tests show that
bacteria does NOT grow or multiply in Blue WonderTM 
 microfiber. If you’ve used your Blue WonderTM
cloth to clean an area where bacteria typically accumulates (i.e. bathroom) simply place it in boiling water
for two to three minutes afterwards to effectively kill any bacteria.

Many of our customers use a separate cloth for cleaning each of the hygiene sensitive areas of the house
 as the bathroom, kitchen, floors, and windows.

Tear Resistant & Unbelievably Long Lasting

Even after 2000 test applications in our ISO certified laboratory no damage could be detected in the Blue
WonderTM  cloth’s complex microfiber structure. The high tech polyester/nylon mix used for the Blue
microfiber is much more tear resistant than any natural fiber. Blue WonderTM  leaves no lint.

All products are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Go Green with Blue Wonder eco friendly cleaning supplies. It will cut your house cleaning and window cleaning time in half. And, it will look maid service clean. By going green with  Blue Wonder eco friendly products, you are one step closer to sustainable living. Make your home an eco house using Blue Wonder’s environmentally friendly cleaning supplies..