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"Try Me" Classic Cloth
Tatiana Pristachova

Moju objednávku som žiaľ stále nedostala

Classic medium

I like this product cleans well

These Cloths are just as "Wonder"-ful

I can not say enough about these clothes. Window cleaning & mirrors are a breeze with no need for stinky first purchase has been with me over 20 years & is still going strong.

3 Pack - CLASSIC Cleaning Cloth Special
Great Cleaning Cloths!

I have been using these clothes for over 10yrs and now it was time for new ones.

3 Pack - CLASSIC Cleaning Cloth Special
Eva Peters



Greatest cloth since sliced bread!

CLASSIC Cloth - 4 Sizes
Schinardi Tiziana



I was somewhat surprised at the size. I ordered the 12 x 12 and that's what I got but it somehow felt small for the price I paid.

CLASSIC Cloth - 4 Sizes
Janine Whipple


Blue Wonder cleaning rags are the he best to clean with nothing but hot water

3 Pack - CLASSIC Cleaning Cloth Special
Dianna Rumbaugh
Dianna wonderful blue clothes

Love them

"Try Me" Classic Cloth
Josie Strauss
Blue Wonder

Didn't realize the cloths were as small as they were once received. Oh well, probably my fault.

"Try Me" Classic Cloth
Pierre Aeschlimann
Best cloth in the universe

Simply the best microfiber cleaning cloth.

You save time and I got a super nice result

Loved it

Blue Wonder Cloths are Awesome!

I have used these cloths for years and love them! I use them for mirrors, windows and glass art that I make. Never a streak, always super clean glass! Love it, love it!

Had to get more

I started out buying 1 Wonder Cloth, which was a referral from a neighbor.
Got it and love it!
Works great on glass, mirrors, and the tough inside of a car windshield.
Had to go back and order more to have them in every bath, the kitchen, and the car!

Love it

Works so well no window streaks!!!

Never scratch those expensive lenses.

I received a friendly and encouraging response when I phoned for new glass cleaning cloths that I have used for over a decade. I use them daily for cleaning my eye glasses and I use a number of them as I keep a cloth in various parts of my home, in my travel bag and in our RV. Very glad to find that they are still available. Easy to wash by hand as needed. Never scratch those expensive lenses.

This is the best cloth on the market.

This is the best cloth on the market. I've been using them for years and love all of their products. No other cloths come close to these. I've given them for gifts and my kids love them too. The customer service is perfect as well. Thanks Blue Wonder!!

The Deluxe cloth works great

The Deluxe cloth works great. It's a significant upgrade over the classic. Well worth the extra money.

Good quality

I'll take a photo of my granddaughters with their face cloths when we visit them [in Texas and Oklahoma]. They said it made their face feel so clean and was sooooo soft.

Highly recommended.

Been using the Blue cloth for years, nothing out on the market comes to the quality of the material and the job it preforms. Highly recommended.

Love my Blue Wonder products

Love my Blue Wonder products. I have been using their cloths and floor mop for many years. Ordering was easy and shipping was fast. Worth the money

No streaking! Would highly recommend.

I have been using the Blue Wonder cloths for many years and still using the ones from my first purchase! I recently used them on our car windshields and they worked great! No streaking! Would highly recommend.