What makes Blue Wonder TM so special - how does it works?

Blue WonderTM microfiber is made from a superior patented 50/50 blend of high quality nylon and polyester that was developed in Switzerland. We use a superior heat-weaving process in which polyester and nylon fibers are repeatedly pressed, blended and intertwined to create the ultra absorbent Blue WonderTM microfiber.

Blue WonderTM was ahead of its time. It was the go to eco-friendly “go green” product before being environmentally friendly existed or was even trendy!

Blue WonderTM has quickly become one of the most popular microfiber cleaning products on the market today. We are committed to cleaning supplies that are good for the planet and help people achieve a better quality of life.

Do I need to add any cleaning products to my Blue Wonder TM cloth?

No. Blue WonderTM microfiber cloths are a pure, clean, safe and fast chemical-free way of cleaning that is healthier for you and your family and good for the environment. Simply add water, wring out and wipe, and see the difference Blue WonderTM microfiber cloths make for yourself!

What surfaces can I use my Blue WonderTM cloth on?

Blue WonderTM works on every surface of your home or business!
• In the kitchen: Stainless steel, ceramic stove tops, sinks, granite counter tops,
• In the bathroom / laundry room: Mirrors, tub, shower doors, tiles, faucets, vanity tops
• Around the house: Windows, mirrors, laminate and hardwood floors, furniture, jewelry
• In the garage or basement: Bikes, boats, motorcycles, cars, sports equipment, RVs
• At work: Computer screens, keyboards, furniture flooring and fixtures

What is the best size cloth to buy?

The best size really depends on your comfort and how you like to clean. Some of our customers prefer a microfiber cloth that just fits nicely in their hand, but using a smaller cloth means you may need to rinse it out more often. Other customers prefer a larger microfiber cloth that they can keep folding over as they clean so it needs to be rinsed less. Our most popular sizes are the Classic X-Large and the Deluxe Large.

What is the difference between the Classic Cloth and the Deluxe Cloth?

The Classic Cloth is meant for everyday house cleaning and has the versatility to tackle any cleaning job. The Deluxe Cloth contains a denser weave of nylon and polyester that is best used for cleaning and polishing more delicate items like china, lenses, chandeliers, glass and porcelain.

The first time I used my microfiber cloth it left streaks on my windows. Why?

If you previously used a chemical window cleaning product on your windows, these window cleaners often will leave a residue. After a few good washes with your Blue WonderTM cloth, all the residue should be gone, plus your windows will also stay cleaner longer.

Are your windows new? Streaking can also be the result of brand new windows.
Many manufacturers put a coating on new windows and mirrors. In order to remove this coating, you may need to wash your windows or mirrors thoroughly several times with the Blue WonderTM cloth and it may also take a bit of pressure. After a few washings the residue should be gone and you shouldn't see any more streaking.

Why doesn't my microfiber cloth work as well as when I first bought it?

Your Blue WonderTM cloth probably just needs a good cleaning. As with any microfiber cleaning cloth, you can use it quite a few times before you actually need to launder it. Microfiber cloths have a very tight weave, which means that even if you hand wash it after each use, some dirt will still build up in the cloth over time.

To remove the dirt, we place the cloth in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. This will open up the pores of the fiber and allow all the dirt to be released. You can also use a bit of detergent that does not contain phosphates, bleach or fabric softeners. Sunlight dish soap or Arm 'n' Hammer Washing Soda are two brands that are safe and effective cleaners for microfiber cloths.

How do I clean / care for my Blue Wonder cloths?

1. Soak the cloth in very hot water before using for the first time.
2. For hygienic and practical reasons, we suggest you use one cloth for one particular task or room. (i.e. 1 for the bathroom, 1 for the kitchen, 1 for windows and mirrors, 1 for dusting purposes etc.).
3. To achieve best results without surface streaks, simply rinse the cloth in warm or hot water frequently during the cleaning process and wash it by hand when you are finished.
4. Beware of residues left by previous cleaning solvents or sprays. The first time you use your Blue WonderTM cloth you may need to apply extra pressure and wash the surface up to 2 to 3 times to remove this residue, though the surface will stay clean much longer.
5. To launder your cloth, wash by hand or boil for 2-3 minutes using an environmentally friendly detergent or soap (i.e. no bleach, no softeners, and no phosphates). DO NOT PUT IT IN DRYER. Hang it to dry.
6. Blue WonderTM cloth will pick up bacteria, however bacteria will not grow or multiply in the cloth. To free the cloth of bacteria and eliminate any odors, place it in boiling water with vinegar for 2-3 minutes.
7. Avoid painted surfaces or window caulking as the bonding agent (glue) will clog the microfibers. If this happens, wash the cloth many times (at least 15 times) in very hot water. 

Can I use my Blue Wonder cloth to clean my car?

Absolutely! The Blue WonderTM Classic and Deluxe Microfiber cloths are ideal for washing your car both inside and out. Your car will dry streak free, so you don't have to worry about wiping the car down with a dry rag!