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Blue Wonder Cloth

Smart Cloth for Touch Screens and Lenses

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The Blue Wonder™ SmartCloth for Touch Screens, made from our Deluxe microfiber fabric, comes in 2 sizes perfect for keeping all your small electronic screen devices sparkling clean. Use it on touch screens like:

-    iPhones

-    iPads

-    laptops

-    notebooks

-    computer monitors

-    flat screen TVs

The cloth also works well on lenses for eyeglasses, cameras, binoculars, and for keep polishing jewellery.

The high density superfine weave structure of the Smart Cloth, with it’s ultra fine finish, makes it easy to clean your delicates surfaces effortlessly and effectively.

With just the Smart Cloth you can clean and polish with just one wipe. This eco friendly cleaning method means there is no need to use any messy liquid or chemical cleaners. The Smart Cloth will leave your electronic devices dirt and smudge free, with a sparkling finish every time.

Use the Smart Cloth dry to remove everyday fingerprints, smudges, germs, dust and dirt. For harder to clean spots, just use water. Wet, wring well and wipe for a streak free finish.

Easily absorbs and removes grease and oils.

Ideal for removing fingerprints and smudgeswithout scratching delicate surfaces.

Re-usable — the ultra fine finish, high density, tear resistant weave structure creates a cloth that is stronger and meant to last!

Scientifically tested to remove 99.9% of bacteria. Keeps shared electronic devices bacteria and germ free.

Environmentally friendly  - requires no chemicals, it’s fast, safe and can be used damp or dry.

Customer Reviews

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You save time and I got a super nice result

Lorraine B.
Never scratch those expensive lenses.

I received a friendly and encouraging response when I phoned for new glass cleaning cloths that I have used for over a decade. I use them daily for cleaning my eye glasses and I use a number of them as I keep a cloth in various parts of my home, in my travel bag and in our RV. Very glad to find that they are still available. Easy to wash by hand as needed. Never scratch those expensive lenses.

N. Daigle
awesome for cleaning my electronic

I own many of the Blue Wonder clothes, awesome for cleaning my electronics. I use the clothes in every room and my vehicle. Order online and receive very quickly. Wonderful customer service. Highly recommend product.

Smart Cloth for Touch Screens and Lenses